Let’s Save Our Earth

Agustus 9, 2008 at 12:28 pm Tinggalkan komentar

By: Ade Nisa (X.3) 

Global warming is the hottest issue in the world now. Not just the issue, but that is a reality. It happens because we cannot protect our world. We live in our earth, but we don’t love our earth. Many people have made big destruction, like cut the trees in the forest, too extravagant with the oil and make pollution. Those also happen because we use electronic things that use CFC (…………………….), like smoke, like to use plastic bag and many others.

Global warming make big disasters, for example tsunami, not because of the earthquake, but because the ice in the pole fall down. The scientist from Japan and America predict that 30 years later, the sea is wider than the land and the land become smaller. So, we must ready for that. But, we can avoid that.  I have some tips to avoid Global Warming.

First, we live in earth, so try to love our earth. Because, if we love our earth, we will know how important is the earth for our life. We must protect the earth because we just have one earth. So, let’s love our earth!

Second, starts from small things. Starts from our house. We can do many things. Let’s use electricity that don’t use CFC, use AC just if we really need it, and plant the trees near our house.

Third, if we want to go to the market, try to bring our own bag. Don’t use plastic bag, because the nature cannot recycle plstic bag. If everybody use plastic bag, the world will full with platic bag, can you imagine that? The another country like England and Japan have already do this, why we not?

Fourth, if we will go to somewhere, try to use public transportation because if we use our own vehicle, there will be more pollution.  And now, the oil is very expensive.

Fifth, plant the trees in the forest. Trees can make the earth cool. Trees can make the temperature become normal again.

The last, try to separate between organic garbage and non organic garbage. The organic one can we use to proceed fertilizer. And the non organic one, let’s recycle it!

So, we love our earth and let’s do something for it. Start now. Save our earth, take care the trees, make better live, and we will be happy! Remember, we just have one earth.


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