The Ways To Avoid Global Warming

Agustus 9, 2008 at 12:35 pm 1 komentar

By: Fara Nabila (X.6)

Global warming is the biggest treat for earth today. This problem has begun when the machine that using fossil as fuel was invented in 20th century. This fossil resulted monoxide carbon gas that released on the air. Monoxide carbon gas has been cause the green house effect. And the green house effect has been giving adversely effect for our planet, like : reduce of the pole surface, increasing earth temperature, increasing surface of the sea and the change of global climate.

Besides that, the green house effect also resulted by freon from refrigerator and air conditioner. And because of that, all of the people on this planet have same responsibilities to save our lovely earth from the destroy, that caused by global warming.

There are some ways to avoid global warming:

 1st, use the friendly environment machines, that don’t result monoxide carbon gas.

2nd, use the refrigerator and air conditioner that don’t use freon.

3rd, do reboisation program in order to create the normal climate.

4th, don’t burn forest.

5th, build the friendly environment factory industries.

6th, throw the garbage into the garbage can.

7th, avoid the forestation.

8th,decrease the using of parfume, because parfume contain some materials that can make ozone coat be thinner. And if the ozone coat be thinner, it will create green house effect.

And the last is do campaign about awareness of environment everywhere and every time.

And finally, all of the people in this world must do work together to avoid global warming. And the most important thing that should we have is self realized to keep our earth. Do something and keep promise for your planet !!!


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Let’s Save Our Earth We Can Avoid Global Warming

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  • 1. ayu  |  April 18, 2009 pukul 5:48 am

    boleh tw selengkap_ tntang komunitas ini gak??

    bleh gabung dsni kHan??gmn cara_?


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