Youth and Global Warming

Agustus 15, 2008 at 11:02 am 2 komentar

By: Meranti Shorea F

Nowdays.. global warming is a hot issue for us.. is that a issue…?? No..!! it’s a fact, so you think that fact isn’t necessary to discussed and solve the problem…?? It’s really important to discuss.. So what is the relationship between youth and global warming..?? Do you think youth is only as a person who became an adult person and find who he/she is…?? No.., now youth is a problem for our world.


I am a youth.. and I am finding who I am.. and I have to get better.. I don’t want to be a bad boy I want to be a youth who usefull for my country and my world.and I can see, I can heard that youth in Indonesia were a bad person, why..?? because now some youngster sure bad condition is “cool”…such as throw their rubbish on the way, paint the government building with some bad word, smoking, clubbing, turn on lamp all day, change their exaust system to be a racing one and make a noise with those muffler, use air conditioner to much, and refrigerator effect.


So, youth is one of the big factor of global warming.. they didn’t know that global warming is the end of the world, because we know that if we use AC(Air Conditioner) it has a big effect, AC produce CFC(cloroflourcarbon), it can break the ozone ang if the ozone broken, Ultra Violet fro the sun can’t be filtered, so earth became hot,and will raise the high temperature, we know earth has 2 place where there so much ice there that’s north pole and south pole. So, if the earth became hot, the ice will be melting and happen a big disaster that’s the big “flood”.


Now, can conclude that youth make our world become hot and make a big disaster. So,  what we have to do..?? We have to controll our AC and refrigerator using in our home, office, school, public facility and anywhere we are. we are the next generation so our earth’s fate is  on our hand, it can be damage, or keep has the life on it..?? it’s on your hand friend.. stop global warming, simple life is better!!!…remember that.


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We Can Avoid Global Warming Youths as the solution

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  • 1. Mini  |  Mei 1, 2009 pukul 6:49 am

    Kita dapat mencegah global warming loo…cara2_nya antara lain:1. Kurangi penggunaan parfum yg semprotan. 2. Kurangi pemakaian kendaraan. 3. Galakkan program tanam seribu pohon. Kita kan dah tau cara pencegahan global warming so mengapa kita tdk melakukannya.krn kalau bukan kita yg menjaga bumi ini dari kehancuran siapa lagi.karena kita adl generasi penerus bangsa ini.

  • 2. Mini  |  Mei 1, 2009 pukul 7:03 am

    Yg wajib mencegah kehancuran bumi ini,karena kalau bumi ini musnah kita akan tinggal dimana.ya walaupun di amerika sudah diluncurkan alat untuk bisa mendeteksi planet yg mana planet itu menyamai seperti bumi yg bisa di tinggali oleh manusia,namun blm tentu ada planet yg menyamai bumi kita ini kan.selain itu kalaupun ada blm tentu kita bisa tinggal di tempat yg kaya sda seperti negeri kita ini kan.jadi nunggu apa lagi mari kita bersama2 sing2kanlengan kita untuk mencegah pemanaran global


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