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We Can Avoid Global Warming

Do you know about climate change? Yes, it was caused by global warming, and do you know that Indonesia get into list of Guinness World of Record and have a predicate as The Fastest Forest Destroyer? What will surely work is to cut down forests, not burn the wood and replant the forests with fast growing trees. When these trees reach a size at which their growth slows, they would be cut again. Back in the carboniferous era, trees fell into swamps which evidently provided a reducing environment. The oxygen and hydrogen in the wood were re-emitted into the atmosphere, and the carbon became coal. This process will work for us too (to reduce CO2 (it takes too long to make coal) if it proves necessary.

You not only save MONEY by following these simple tasks but also can contribute to the society by reducing CO2 emissions.

Switch off that Computer when you are not using it.

Switch off that T.V. when you are not seeing it.

Switch off that fan when no one is in the room.

Switch off that light, stereos, and other electricity appliances. Do you know if properly insulated you can cut your power bills by up to 50% .

Switch off your radiators, turn down your air conditioners before opening your windows. When you sleep, don’t adjust your air conditioners too cool. With up our air conditioners’ temperature two degree everyday, we can reduce CO2 emissions until one ton every year!

Change your lamp with compact fluorescent light, this light more preserve than the other lights, economical the energy more than 60% and 70% fewer produce heat.

As far as possible use less of hot water. Some do take cold bath. You can save energy here. Wash clothes in cold water, instead of hot water.

Walking and cycling is a good exercise for your body. So avoid automobiles if you can. Trains and buses is not only a cheaper mode of transport, it also burns less fuel per capita than cars and PLANES. Reducing speed and air conditioning cuts car fuel consumption and your hard earned money.

Try to buy fruits, vegetables and other items nearby to your house rather than traveling to the market in automobiles. Carry items in one baggage rather than doing excess of packaging each item. By not packing every item you save plastic and cardboard. Imagine, if in one day we can reduce to use two plastics, it means in one year more than 500 plastic we can reduce.

Start from a little thing in our day activity. Even tough just a little thing, but if everyone do the same things will help our earth even more our grandchildren too! Stop global warming! Save our planet, love our planet, because this is our home, our source of life. It’s not a time for talk but for do! Start from your self, start from a little thing, and start from right now.


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The Ways To Avoid Global Warming

By: Fara Nabila (X.6)

Global warming is the biggest treat for earth today. This problem has begun when the machine that using fossil as fuel was invented in 20th century. This fossil resulted monoxide carbon gas that released on the air. Monoxide carbon gas has been cause the green house effect. And the green house effect has been giving adversely effect for our planet, like : reduce of the pole surface, increasing earth temperature, increasing surface of the sea and the change of global climate.

Besides that, the green house effect also resulted by freon from refrigerator and air conditioner. And because of that, all of the people on this planet have same responsibilities to save our lovely earth from the destroy, that caused by global warming.

There are some ways to avoid global warming:

 1st, use the friendly environment machines, that don’t result monoxide carbon gas.

2nd, use the refrigerator and air conditioner that don’t use freon.

3rd, do reboisation program in order to create the normal climate.

4th, don’t burn forest.

5th, build the friendly environment factory industries.

6th, throw the garbage into the garbage can.

7th, avoid the forestation.

8th,decrease the using of parfume, because parfume contain some materials that can make ozone coat be thinner. And if the ozone coat be thinner, it will create green house effect.

And the last is do campaign about awareness of environment everywhere and every time.

And finally, all of the people in this world must do work together to avoid global warming. And the most important thing that should we have is self realized to keep our earth. Do something and keep promise for your planet !!!

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Let’s Save Our Earth

By: Ade Nisa (X.3) 

Global warming is the hottest issue in the world now. Not just the issue, but that is a reality. It happens because we cannot protect our world. We live in our earth, but we don’t love our earth. Many people have made big destruction, like cut the trees in the forest, too extravagant with the oil and make pollution. Those also happen because we use electronic things that use CFC (…………………….), like smoke, like to use plastic bag and many others.

Global warming make big disasters, for example tsunami, not because of the earthquake, but because the ice in the pole fall down. The scientist from Japan and America predict that 30 years later, the sea is wider than the land and the land become smaller. So, we must ready for that. But, we can avoid that.  I have some tips to avoid Global Warming.

First, we live in earth, so try to love our earth. Because, if we love our earth, we will know how important is the earth for our life. We must protect the earth because we just have one earth. So, let’s love our earth!

Second, starts from small things. Starts from our house. We can do many things. Let’s use electricity that don’t use CFC, use AC just if we really need it, and plant the trees near our house.

Third, if we want to go to the market, try to bring our own bag. Don’t use plastic bag, because the nature cannot recycle plstic bag. If everybody use plastic bag, the world will full with platic bag, can you imagine that? The another country like England and Japan have already do this, why we not?

Fourth, if we will go to somewhere, try to use public transportation because if we use our own vehicle, there will be more pollution.  And now, the oil is very expensive.

Fifth, plant the trees in the forest. Trees can make the earth cool. Trees can make the temperature become normal again.

The last, try to separate between organic garbage and non organic garbage. The organic one can we use to proceed fertilizer. And the non organic one, let’s recycle it!

So, we love our earth and let’s do something for it. Start now. Save our earth, take care the trees, make better live, and we will be happy! Remember, we just have one earth.

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